Special metalworking processes

Castolin-certified cold welding
Pressmeccanica of Grassobbio, in the province of Bergamo, is specialized in special metalworking including Castolin-certificated cold welding. We are able to carry out material fillings in reduced dimensions without risking deformation of the piece as the radius is concentrated only on the affected area.
Welding can be carried out on any type of steel, bronze, brass and other materials without ever preheating the part to be welded. Welds are carried out on crankshafts in particular.
Thanks to our experience we are able to offer professional and precise cold welds.
Cold welding, technically called “clinching“, plays an important role even in an ecological aspect.
In fact, in addition to offering the possibility of welding steel and metals without a welding machine, cold welding responds excellently to the increasingly stringent regulations issued by the European Union with regard to safety, given that the clinching process does not produce fumes or sparks .
The clinching technique allows two or more sheets to be joined together by cold plastic deformation of the same. In the clinching process, two-layer or multilayer junctions of sheets and/or profiles are made by cold-formed pressure joints. This technology makes it possible to combine steel and stainless steel, aluminium and other non-ferrous materials in a rational and environmentally friendly manner. Furthermore, coated or pre-lacquered sheets can be connected together without damaging the surface.

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