Boring and reaming holes

Machining on site machinery
Pressmeccanica of Grassobbio, in the province of Bergamo, is able to prepare operations of boring and reaming of holes, on machinery currently on-site, with possible carryover of welding.

The service offers the possibility to carry out interventions of:
– reaming of holes and bushings in place
– boring on holes from 42 to 500 in diameter with an unlimited length.
– boring on earth moving machines in operation.

In precision engineering, the boring system is used to obtain surfaces with specific roughness and tolerance values.
Precise tools are selected for the boring system, on materials that require complex chip control.
Through boring, high precision tolerance holes are obtained, while reaming allows light finishing operations, in which the material to be removed is minimal, through a precise pre-drilling.
In the boring, the diameters of the holes are limited and it is excellent for working with cylinders, bearing seats and high precision interventions of the parts.
Boring is a mechanical process that consists in removing material so that a diameter is increased, obtaining a high-quality finish, both in terms of roughness and tolerance. It is defined by a rotary motion of the tool, while the workpiece remains stationary.
Reaming is a mechanical process to make high-precision axiality and hole diameter corrections. It is done by hand with the reamers mounted on the tap wrench or by machine with the reaming machine.
The rotary motion of the reamer increases the diameter of the hole and brings it slowly to the correct value, possibly varying the position of the axis. To bore cylindrical and conical holes, the tool is given a movement of translation parallel to the axis.

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