Maintenance and repair of band saw machines

Assistance band saw machine tools 365 days a year
Pressmeccanica carries out assembly, repair and maintenance operations for band saw machines.
It offers sawing machine tools assistance service 365 days a year for all its customers, operating at its headquarters in Grassobbio, in the province of Bergamo.
Experience and professionalism characterize the logistics of maintenance and repair of sawing machines. The staff is always up to date and qualified, able to carry out rapid and decisive interventions for every problem.
The technical assistance service on sawing machines offered by Pressmeccanica allows its customers to take advantage of a set of services that start from the direct telephone assistance to provide a first orientation, to the support for the installation of band saws up to the assistance from part of operators specialized in repairs and identification of spare parts for sawing machines.
Among the collateral services of band sawing machine assistance, Pressmeccanica also proposes the assembly and disassembly of machinery from one site to another, with fast times and efficiency, safety and reliability from every point of view.

The saw or mechanical saw is a machine tool for cutting metals using a saw blade. Usually the cut concerns bars or profiles.
It can be basically of three types:

alternative: the tool consists of an arc saw, similar in shape to the metal hacksaw, which stretches a straight blade. The working motion is alternative, and the cutting pressure can be adjusted with different types of devices;
belt: structurally resembles the band saw used for timber, but has smaller dimensions and greater strength. The blade is closed in a ring and the working motion is continuous. In almost all machines the tape is arranged horizontally instead of vertically;
disc or circular: structurally similar to the circular saw for wood, but with discs of another type.

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