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About us

Pressmeccanica of Grassobbio, in the province of Bergamo, was founded in 2009 thanks to the initiative and entrepreneurial spirit of Stefano Morbis, after having gained more than 30 years of experience in the metalworking sector in one of the largest Italian companies manufacturing mechanical presses.
The company currently operates in the mechanical maintenance sector throughout Italy and around the world, though the experience gained has enabled it to expand its services in sectors such as the maintenance of industrial machinery such as mechanical presses, band saws, shears and benders.
The company’s special machinery allows boring of the holes to be carried out on machines in operation.
The company is made up of members and the Morbis brothers in collaboration with their father, who continue to work passionately for the maximum satisfaction of customer requests, in Bergamo and all the Lombard provinces.

Mechanical presses

The staff of Pressmeccanica, in the province of Bergamo, carries out the assembly, repair and maintenance of mechanical presses, following procedures of high professionalism and safety.

Furthermore, it also offers the movement of presses, with assembly and disassembly from one site to another. The collection, the complete revision and the sale of various types of mechanical presses are carried out
For those who need periodic scheduled maintenance, the company can offer assistance 7 days a week, essential for unplanned repairs on presses from 40 to 3,000 tons.

Band saws

We carry out work such as assembly, repair and maintenance of band saws.
We offer assistance 365 days a year, including holidays, for every possible need for saw maintenance in Bergamo and in all the Lombard provinces.
Thanks to the strong professionalism of the Pressmeccanica technicians, fast and decisive interventions are carried out for every problem of repairing breakdowns and malfunctions on industrial band saws.
Assembly and disassembly services of band saws are carried out from one site to another, with great speed and efficiency.


Pressmeccanica has machinery capable of performing boring or reaming of holes in place, with the possibility of carrying out welding.
The service includes the possibility of performing boring on holes and bushes in place.
We carry out boring of holes from 42 to 500 in diameter with an unlimited length.
Personnel also work on earth moving machines that are still in operation, for complex boring actions.


Discover the companies that have relied on the services offered by Pressmeccanica
Among our customers, there are companies of great prestige and professionalism, which make use of our mechanical maintenance services, to which we dedicate our utmost care.

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Pressmeccanica deals with the sale and service of mechanical presses in Italy and abroad, as well as maintenance services for industrial machinery such as band saws, shears and benders.
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